A-Zone Vol1-2

A-Zone is the old doujin circle of  Azuma Kiyohiko, author of the awesome Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba&!

The first two volumes are both Sailor moon doujins:

A-Zone Vol1 (Mediafire)

Rei’s been disappearing off recently – to finished her Sailor V doujin before Comiket! can the gang help her hit the deadline?

A-Zone Vol2 (Mediafire)

Usagi and Mako rope Ami into an emergency study session – with an unexpected guest

Welcome to Detune

Howdy folks

I’m a very occasional scanlator and J>E translator, and this here will be my pad.

I’ll be doing oneshots, doujins and other things that catch my eye… very intermittently.


PS: expect things to change for a while around here as I get settled in.