Kami-sama ni Rocket Punch!!

This time it’s a oneshot from Hata Kenjiro, author of Hayate no Gotoku. This is one of his early works.

Kami-sama ni Rocket Punch!! (Mediafire) 

It’s cool to see a prototype version of Wataru, and how Hata’s art and storytelling has come on since then. I think it stands pretty well on its own merits though.

PS: if anyone’s got RAWs for Thunder Goddess Sophia, another one of Hata’s oneshots, please leave a message in the comments.

  1. Bloody typical. Two days after finishing it, I find a better set of RAWs 😡

    *sigh* well, I’m not going to typeset it again – if someone wants to use the TL with better RAWs then be my guest.

      • dkthias
      • June 9th, 2011

      Well, as I’ve wanted to scanlate the oneshot from the Hayate no Gotoku no Mae for a while now, I would like to ask for permission. I could help you typeset the rest of the book if you want.

      • Please go ahead.
        I’m definitely interested in working together on Lifesavers; I’ve been distracted by other projects recently (as you can see). I’ll finish up translating the first chapter and drop you a line.

        one last thing – thanks for all the HnG releases 🙂

    • dkthias
    • June 9th, 2011


    Will be looking forward to cooperating ^_^

    And glad you enjoyed them (If you read them)


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