Touhou – Seasonal Dream Vision – Scarlet Anemone

Flan-chan moé.

Seasonal Dream Vision – Scarlet Anemone (Mediafire)

It’s been a while, eh?
5 chapters down, 4 to go.

Touhou – Seasonal Dream Vision – Sakura, I Wish

Spring comes to the Hakurei Shrine.

Seasonal Dream Vision – Sakura, I Wish (Mediafire)

Special thanks this time go out to Shadowjack, for QCing my awful grammar and advising me on some tricky word choices. Hey, does that mean I have “staff” now? I feel almost like a real scanlation outfit!

Touhou – Seasonal Dream Vision – Seeing Cherry Blossom in Mid Autumn

This time a doujin featuring Youmu, in all her woobieish glory.

Seasonal Dream Vision – Seeing Cherry Blossom in Mid Autumn (Mediafire)


Touhou – Seasonal Dream Vision – How to Grow a Blue Rose

Another doujin from the Seasonal Dream Vision fanbook, this one featuring Sakuya and Remilia in contemplative mood.

Seasonal Dream Vision – How to Grow a Blue Rose (Mediafire)

The art really sold this one to me. Very clean, great use of perspective and negative space. Lovely.

Touhou – Seasonal Dream Vision – A Night of Ten Thousand Flowers

Here’s a short Touhou doujin featuring Mokou and Kaguya from the Seasonal Dream Vision fanbook.

Seasonal Dream Vision – A Night of Ten Thousand Flowers (Mediafire)

I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Mokou. While this is hardly her at her most badass, it’s a nice interlude.

About half of the doujins in the fanbook have been translated – you can find them on the touhou wiki. I’ll probably do a few more of them as they catch my fancy

PS: still looking for a typesetter to work on Hayate no Gotoku no Mae: Lifesavers. Leave a comment if you’re interested

Typesetter wanted for next project

I’m planning to do Lifesavers next, but at five chapters I’d like to share the workload.

(Not that I mind typesetting, but it is quite time-consuming)

If you’re interested please leave a comment. A sample of previous work would be grand.

Otherwise I’ll be releasing it reeeeeeallly sloooooowly….

Kami-sama ni Rocket Punch!!

This time it’s a oneshot from Hata Kenjiro, author of Hayate no Gotoku. This is one of his early works.

Kami-sama ni Rocket Punch!! (Mediafire) 

It’s cool to see a prototype version of Wataru, and how Hata’s art and storytelling has come on since then. I think it stands pretty well on its own merits though.

PS: if anyone’s got RAWs for Thunder Goddess Sophia, another one of Hata’s oneshots, please leave a message in the comments.